The main reason I started my business?
I wanted to be home with my kids.

It was the age old dilemma - do I make enough at work to pay for child care? When I did the math, it just didn't make sense. I was spending days at work, away from my babies, missing the little moments, and feeling completely lost. An entire week's worth of earnings went directly into the hands of our child care provider. 

It finally got to the point where it wasn't making sense anymore and I became a full-time stay-at-home mom. Turns out that job doesn't exactly pay the bills, and though I was happier, I knew there was more I wanted to do with my life. But what?

What could I possibly do that would be fulfilling, let me be home with my kids, and bring in the money we needed?

The answer - entrepreneurship.

My journey to entrepreneurship is a great story - you can check it out in my upcoming podcast Moms Create.

I was able to start my own business and at first I was making just enough to replace what I had been previously making. But as I continued to grow and build my skills, I quickly was able to not just increase my income, but DOUBLE it. 

I was able to work from home when I wanted to. I made my own hours, scheduled my own calls, and never missed another field trip. I was able to volunteer in my daughter's class weekly, attend every soccer game and school play, take care of sick babies when they needed me, and I even had the time to join the PTO at two different schools. All things I would never have been able to do in my other life.

My life before entrepreneurship.

I started my business when I had four babies. Now I have SIX. So not only do I know how to run and grow a thriving business with toddlers and teenagers in my house, I also know how to do it while pregnant and with a newborn in your lap. 

Being a mother has been the most fulfilling role I've ever had. But I also knew I wanted more.

There's a lot of societal pressure around being a mom. Am I doing enough? Am I doing it right? The mommy wars, the constant changing recommendations, the mom guilt that we all feel no matter what choices we make. Working outside of the home, working inside of the home, staying at home full-time - there is SO much pressure. You've probably heard from a well-meaning loved one a time or two that you need to be selfless and put your own dreams and goals on the back burner while you raise your kids.

I'm here to tell you that is NOT true.

In fact, I think it's the opposite! If you want to raise children to chase their dreams and goals, you have to do more then just tell them. You need to show them. 

Living your truth is the opposite of selfish.

I'm not saying that balancing it all is a piece of cake. Because it's not. "Balance" is not a thing - it's subjective and changes constantly. What feels balanced today won't feel that way tomorrow. 

At the end of the day, it's about doing the best you can, finding the joy wherever it is, and taking the next step towards your goals - big or small.